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Biden asks 715 billion to contain Russia and China

The administration of US President Joe Biden has requested $715 billion in defense spending from Congress in 2022.

It is reported by Defense news.

These funds will be used, among other things, to contain the threat posed by China and the Russian Federation.

“The Presidential Request for 2022 includes a $715 billion allocation to the US Department of Defense ... This includes containing China. The request emphasizes countering the threat from China as the main mission of the Pentagon. The Department of Defense will also seek to contain destabilizing behavior from Russia.” said in the document.

Note that the requested amount is 7 billion less than the one that the past President Donald Trump wanted to allocate.

We will remind, earlier the media reported that the United States is preparing new sanctions not only against Nord Stream 2 but also against the entourage of Russian President Vladimir Putin for meddling in elections and hacker attacks.

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