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In North Korea, an official was executed because of slow work

A North Korean official was executed because of complaints and slow work. This is reported by the Daily NK edition.

An official named Pak was appointed chairman of a special commission designed to establish distance learning in North Korea. However, due to the lack of necessary resources and equipment, the business has hardly moved forward. Park was not satisfied with this situation, which he did not hesitate to regularly tell other members of the commission. According to one of them, the chairman of the Kim Il Sung University, Ri Guk Chol, denounced the official.

Park was executed in March on charges of “anti-party and anti-revolutionary activities in the field of education.” Another 20 professors who were on the commission are now undergoing “ideological testing”. The structure was reorganized: now it has 180 members and three sub-committees. The new commission was headed by Ri Guk Chol.

The death penalty is not uncommon in North Korea. So, on February 16, it became known that the authorities toughened the punishment for the import and distribution of South Korean video materials — now it can face the death penalty. The maximum prison sentence for watching videos from South Korea was also increased.

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