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Virginia legalized cannabis and made history

American Virginia became the first southern US state to legalize recreational marijuana — that is, not medical, but which is used for recreation. The General Assembly of the state voted for the relevant bill.

It is reported by NBC.

The legislative initiative of the Democratic Party envisages decriminalization for possession of up to 30 grams of cannabis by adults starting in July this year — this is three years earlier than originally anticipated.

At the same time, the infrastructure for retailing cannabis in the state is not yet ready — the stores will open no earlier than 2024. Against this backdrop, members of the Republican Party tried to prevent the legalization of the drug in order to avoid the clandestine trade.

However, their attempts were unsuccessful — both the House of Representatives and the Senate of Virginia passed the law on the same day.

It is worth noting that the law is retroactive — that is, criminals previously found guilty and convicted of possession of up to 30 grams of marijuana will be released.

This initiative was actively promoted by the Governor of Virginia, Democrat Ralph Northam. He is expected to agree on the law as soon as it is handed over to him for signature.

Virginia will then become the 16th US state to fully legalize cannabis, with 23 others allowing medical marijuana. Earlier, we analyzed how these two types differ, in fact, the same drug.

It is worth noting that before his victory in the US presidential election, Joe Biden also allowed marijuana to be legalized throughout the country. Vice President Kamala Harris is also an active supporter of this initiative.

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