In the United States, a new dangerous narcotic for touching, which is called “gray death”

Photo: page St. Mary Parish Sheriff's Office on Facebook

In the state of Louisiana in the United States, a new dangerous drug for touching, which is called “gray death”, has been discovered. Newsweek magazine drew attention to the statement of local law enforcement agencies.

St Mary's parish police wrote on their Facebook page that this is the first time they have come across such a substance. “You shouldn't touch this. If possible, don't pick it up,” police spokesman David Spencer said.

Law enforcement agencies are sure that it has already been tried in other cities of the state. If you find a package with a gray substance, you are advised to immediately call the police.

It is noted that “gray death” is a mixture of heroin, fentanyl, and other opioids. Its effect is 10 thousand times stronger than morphine. “Even a tiny dose of this drug, similar to concrete crumbs, can kill a person,” the Post reported.

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