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Former Trump employees are facing job rejections

Officials in the administration of former US President Donald Trump are facing job rejections. This was reported by The Washington Post with reference to HR specialists.

The experts explained that the problems with finding a new job for Trump's ex-subordinates may be related to the reputation of the politician himself. First of all, employers are not interested in hiring specialists who worked for a president with a low rating, who, in addition, they wanted to impeach twice.

Other sources of the publication are confident that the demand for Republicans has been reduced in the United States. In their opinion, employers want to win the favor of the Democratic Party, which, led by President Joe Biden, currently controls the White House and most of the congressional seats.

In late March, in his sister-in-law Larry Trump's podcast The Right View, Trump hinted at a presidential nomination in 2024. According to the ex-president, his administration, in particular, has managed to achieve success in terms of policy towards Iran, North Korea, and China.

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