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The US may resume construction of a wall on the border with Mexico

The White House may return to Donald Trump's project to build a wall on the US-Mexico border. Joe Biden, on his first day in office, stopped the construction of fences in the south of the country, which became a symbol of the rejection of the policies of his predecessor. And that decision turned into problems for the Democratic administration.

One of Joe Biden's first decisions as president of the United States was to freeze the construction of a wall on the border with Mexico, which became one of the main targets for criticism of Donald Trump from the Democratic Party. Shortly after this decree, the state of emergency at the border was also lifted — another decision of the ex-president to control the flow of migrants on the southern border of the United States.

However, after a couple of months, it became clear that not everything that Trump's opponents called “madness” and “madness” was actually so.

The day before, it was reported that the Biden administration may partially continue the Trump case and resume the construction of the wall on the southern borders of the country.

This was reported by The Washington Times, citing its sources. At least, US Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas let slip about such plans at a meeting with border guards.

According to him, the authorities will have to at least eliminate the existing holes in the wall. At the same time, the minister stressed that the decision has not yet been approved, and the authorities are considering various projects submitted by the head of the border service.

Mayorkas also said that the country is facing the biggest migration crisis in 20 years in the near future.

On March 5, Reuters reported that in February, about 100 thousand migrants were detained by the US authorities at the border with Mexico, and this is the highest figure for February since 2006. It is known that more than 9,000 minors and families with young children were allowed into the country.

Paradoxically, the latest information about the possible resumption of the construction of the wall may be caused not by the crisis itself, but by Trump's behavior, according to Fox News observers: in recent weeks, he has been actively speculating on the problem, recalling the effectiveness of his policies.

Turn illegal immigrants into your voters

Democrats are traditionally more loyal to immigrants. And, according to experts polled by Politico magazine, this factor was almost the main one that led to the crisis that broke out in early 2021.

In fact, Biden's statements provoked people who want to enter the United States to expect that with the arrival of a Democratic president, the gates will open for everyone. But because of the huge flow, the head of the White House already in March had to openly ask not to come, which caused criticism from liberal journalists.

According to Fox News, each illegal immigrant on average costs the country $72 thousand a month (this cost includes their accommodation, medical care, and other social expenses).

All this has led to mass outrage among Americans over Biden's softer policy: according to a public opinion poll commissioned by the Associated Press, 57% of US residents already recognize the failure on the southern border.

On March 25, Biden instructed Vice President Kamala Harris to negotiate with the leaders of the southern neighbors of the United States to find ways out of the crisis.

“But in any case, the behavior of Biden and Harris causes sharp criticism in the southern states and not only — for example, but it is also noticeable in California, Texas, and New Mexico. The Republicans propose to get out of this situation by returning to the wall project, which will only rehabilitate Trump. In fact, the Democrats don't have a good way out. This crisis is a real axis of loosening the entire American federation.”

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