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Australia. Olympic medalist implicated in Giant Cocaine smuggling Ring

Nathan Baggaley, a multiple world champion, and runner-up, as well as a two-time Olympic silver medalist, was found guilty of smuggling about $200 million worth of cocaine.

Nathan Baggaley is a figure well known to kayaking enthusiasts. At the beginning of the 21st century, he was a real star. Season after season, he won the titles of world champion or vice-champion (only five times — three gold and two silver medals). He is also a two-time Olympic silver medalist. However, his career collapsed in 2005, when he was disqualified for using doping substances.

Since then, Nathan Baggaley has had problems, including with the law. In 2015, the most serious of these occurred when he and his brother Dru were sentenced to two years and three months for participating in a hallucinogen production group.

Giant contraband with brothers

As it turned out, the problems of the former athlete did not end there. In 2018, there was a smuggling attempt in which both brothers were found guilty. According to the BBC, Drew Baggaley and another man were caught red-handed in the seizure of $200 million worth of cocaine.

According to the investigation, Nathan Baggaley was supposed to buy a boat and additional equipment for the action and help organize the entire procedure. However, the former athlete explains that he did not know about all this and thought that the aforementioned equipment would be used for whale watching. However, as we read, his fingerprints were found on the tape that was used to hide the boat's registration.

Drew Baggaley claims he didn't know it was cocaine smuggling and thought it was tobacco. He also defended himself by saying that the man he was in the boat with had kidnapped him and forced him to go on a trip. A third man testified that he was recruited by the Baggaley brothers to help with the smuggling. On April 1, the brothers were officially found guilty of attempted smuggling and are awaiting a decision on the case.

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