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Trump plummets in Forbes billionaire ranking

Trump ranked 1299 with $2.4 billion. Although last year it was ranked 1001.

Ex-US President Donald Trump has dropped by almost 300 positions in the Forbes ranking of billionaires, due to the fact that his fortune has decreased by more than a billion dollars in four years in power. This was reported on Wednesday, April 7, by a number of publications.

So, in the list of billionaires, which was published by Forbes the day before, Trump took 1299 place with his $2.4 billion. Although last year it was ranked 1001.

According to Forbes, Trump's assets were worth $3.5 billion in January 2017, when he took office.

It is noted that his rating fell, as the ex-president could not keep up with other billionaires, whose capital was growing.

“This is as it should be. A politician should not make money while in power, a rich person should leave the office with less income,” Trump told TheHill.

Bloomberg released similar data last month, noting that the former president's net worth fell from $3 billion to $2.3 billion during his presidency.

Bloomberg believes the pandemic and the aftermath of the January 6 fatal attack on the Capitol have had a significant impact on his business empire.

Several of Trump's businesses, notably hotels, casinos, and office space, were hit during the pandemic as jobs slumped and tourism came to a standstill due to travel restrictions.

Recall that in March, Trump launched his presidential website to talk about the “magnificent legacy” of his administration.

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