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Rumors that Prince Harry regrets moving to America are greatly exaggerated

British tabloids often write that Prince Harry is allegedly very worried about the split of the family and regrets his decision to resign. It seems to be just the opposite: in a recent photo taken on the beach in Santa Barbara, Harry looks happy and relaxed like never before.

Dressed in shorts and a simple white T-shirt, Harry strolled along the beach in the company of his labrador, Pula. According to eyewitnesses, they did not immediately recognize the smiling guy in sunglasses and a baseball cap as Prince Harry: “He looked completely at ease. He was playing with the dog, walking it without a leash. They have a great relationship. Harry looked like a typical Montecito resident walking barefoot on the beach with his dog.”

The name of the Pool dog was not accidental. The pool is the official currency in the African country of Botswana, where Harry and Meghan went shortly after the meeting. In addition, in the African Setswana language, "pula" means rain. Since rain is very rare in Botswana, it is considered a valuable and blessed natural phenomenon. The couple has another pet — a beagle named Guy.

In a recent interview with Oprah Winfrey, Harry admitted that he likes his new life in California: according to rumors, he and Meghan are planning to open their own winery. “It's been a crazy year for everyone,” Harry said. — But to have an open space where we can walk as a family with the dogs, to be able to go hiking or to the beach, which is so close... For me, this is a big plus.”

Recall that soon the couple will have a daughter. In May, the couple's eldest son Archie will be two years old.

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