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Biden's son prepared for jail if Trump wins

The son of US President Hunter Biden suggested that he could be in prison if his father was defeated in the election, but denies his involvement in any illegal financial transactions, which the administration of Donald Trump tried to accuse him of.

The relevant statements are contained in Hunter Biden's book “Beautiful Things”, which went on sale in the United States on Tuesday.

“Trump's victory was not only a threat to democracy, but it also seemed like a threat to my personal freedom,” he recalls election night from November 3 to 4. “If my father had not won, I am sure that Trump would have continued to pursue me on criminal charges.”

Hunter Biden at the same time explains the accusations against him from Trump solely for political reasons and the desire to strike a blow to the popularity of Joe Biden before the presidential election.

“I believe that in that political climate, it didn't matter what I did or didn't do. The target of those attacks was not me, but my father, “ he said.

In Hunter Biden's book, which was expected, first of all, for the sake of telling about his work in the Ukrainian gas production company Burisma, this story is devoted to a separate chapter and 18 pages of the book out of 234. The son of the head of the White House claims that he did not use ties with his father, who then held the post of vice president under Barack Obama, to promote the interests of the Ukrainian company. According to him, Biden's last name really had weight, but when working for Burisma, he used only his opportunities and contacts in business circles acquired during his previous career. Hunter Biden claims that with the help of foreign partners, he conducted a thorough check of Burisma for corrupt practices and did not find them.

“I have not done anything unethical and I have not been charged with any wrongdoing. But in our current political environment, I believe that I would have been attacked in any case, whether I took this position or not, “ he believes.

The absence of any important political statements and revelations in the book of memoirs of Hunter Biden is confirmed by the reaction in the American press, which focused on reviews and preliminary interviews on the “human” side of memories.

Many media outlets, especially those with a pro-democratic orientation, praised his story about addiction to drugs and the subsequent overcoming of this addiction.

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