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A pregnant woman with a child was kicked out of the plane with a scandal

A pregnant woman with a child with a scandal was kicked out of the plane because her two-year-old daughter was without a mask. Video and details of the incident are published by the New York Post.

The footage shows a Spirit Airlines flight attendant threatening to remove a family of four from a flight from Orlando to Atlantic City. The reason was the lack of personal protective equipment for the girl, who was sitting on her mother's lap and eating yogurt.

Despite the pregnant woman's objections, the family was forced to return to the terminal. “It's not my choice. You must take your things and go to the exit, " the flight attendant insisted. As a result, the passengers were forced to leave the aircraft.

According to the representative of the airline, the family was warned by law enforcement officers, then they were allowed to return to the plane and proceed to their destination.

Earlier, in March, it was reported that employees of the same airline refused to recognize the child's disability and kicked him out of the plane because of the lack of a mask. Despite the medical certificate with the diagnosis of “autism”, which the boy's parents presented to the flight attendant, she asked the family to leave the aircraft.

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