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In the US, a strain of COVID-19 with a double mutation was found

The United States has recorded the first case of infection with an Indian strain of coronavirus with a double mutation, which may be more contagious.

This is reported by the San Francisco Chronicle, citing specialists from the Stanford Laboratory of Clinical Virology.

The new strain was found in a resident of Santa Clara County in the San Francisco Bay Area. Seven more people suspected of being infected with the new strain are being tested.

This variant is called a “double mutant” because it carries two mutations of the virus that help it attach to cells. Scientists do not rule out that it may be the cause of a new surge in the incidence of cancer in India. It is not yet known whether this strain is more contagious and resistant to the vaccine's antibodies.

One of the mutations — E484Q, is similar to the E484K mutation found in variants first discovered in Brazil and South Africa. Another mutation — L452R, is also present in a variant first discovered in California.

The Stanford laboratory fears that the double mutation may reduce the effectiveness of vaccines against the Indian strain.

And an infectious disease expert at the University of California, Peter Chin-Hong, believes that this variant may be more contagious since it accounts for 20% of cases in the heavily affected Indian state of Maharashtra. And over the past week, the number of cases of infection in this state has increased by more than 50%.

Santa Clara County health officials said they have not yet taken control of the new option because it is not yet listed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Recall that in the United States, due to the rapid spread of new strains of coronavirus, the fourth wave of COVID-19 is already being observed.

We also reported that Romanian scientists have discovered a type of coronavirus that reduces the effectiveness of vaccines.

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