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Most Germans don't believe Merkel's vaccination promise

Almost two-thirds of Germans doubt Chancellor Angela Merkel's promise that the government will be able to offer everyone who wants to be vaccinated against the coronavirus by September 21.

This is evidenced by a survey commissioned by the DPA.

According to a YouGov poll, only 23% of Germans believe that the government will achieve this goal, while 62% are skeptical. 15% found it difficult to answer.

Merkel has repeatedly stressed her goal of offering all adults in Germany COVID-19 vaccinations by September 21, but the credibility of the promise has been shaken by the sluggish rollout of the vaccination campaign in Germany.

A similar survey conducted in early February showed that 26% believe that the goal will be achieved, and 57% do not believe that it is possible.

Even among voters of Merkel's Christian Democratic Party (CDU), many doubt whether this goal can be achieved.

The vaccination campaign in Germany is much slower than in many other countries, but some 35,000 family doctors are due to start vaccinating this month, which will speed up the process.

As reported, in Germany, until the beginning of May, they plan to vaccinate 20% of the population.

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