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In Germany, “built” a village in the form of a ...

Do you like looking at cards? We are very! Streets, squares, avenues — all of this has its own history and purpose. Today we want to show you not really a map, but rather a satellite image of one very unusual village. From a height, it resembles a fingerprint. Imagine what it would be like to wander through the curls (hopefully, when moving in a spiral, your head won't hurt). The village appeared in Germany and caused a real stir among travelers.

However, it turned out that it was too early to pack. The imprint- the village is fake. It was created by an animation studio from Hamburg for the British company RICS, which evaluates land and real estate in 3D graphics.

The artist and founder of the studio, Jacob Eisinger, first came up with the basic forms of buildings and then began to “clone” them, laying them in the structure of the city in the form of a curl. In addition, he paved winding roads that would follow the shape of a fingerprint. This is how the unusual village appeared on the cover of the corporate magazine RICS, and from there it migrated to the Internet.

So while this village cannot be seen live.

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