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The British ridiculed the US readiness to support Ukraine

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British netizens ridiculed the statement about the "unwavering" support for Ukraine from the United States, pointing out that the American leader Joe Biden is unlikely to withstand a confrontation with Russia if he can not even stand on his feet.

The British tabloid Daily Mail published an article about the" unwavering " support for Ukraine from Washington, the article caused an active response from readers in the comments.

"(Russian President Vladimir Putin) Putin is the most powerful man on the planet, and China is the most powerful country. And Biden... just Biden, " says AnAngloSaxonView.

"We can't protect our own border. How do we take care of someone else's?", - asked Nutritionf45.

"Even on the ramp of Air Force one, it's hard for Biden to resist, and you say it's against Russia," Johnny 229 believes.

"Joe will start a war with the Russians to draw attention away from the crisis on the border in 3... 2... 1...", - summed up Completely Average.

Earlier, US President Joe Biden assured his Ukrainian counterpart Vladimir Zelensky that Washington will continue to support Kyiv "in the face of Russian aggression in the Donbas and Crimea."

The Ukrainian Armed Forces also announced military exercises on the border with Crimea. On the same day, Kyiv called on the NATO countries bordering Ukraine to increase their combat readiness.

The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine announced the receipt of guarantees of support from the United States in the event of a conflict with Russia.

The Russian Foreign Ministry said that the talk about the alleged upcoming conflict between Russia and Ukraine is another fiction, the Russian side is not interested in a military confrontation. The Kremlin urged not to worry about the transfer of Russian troops to the Ukrainian border.

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