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IMF: due to the COVID-19 outbreak of social unrest threatens the world

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The Foundation called on the governments of different countries to pay attention to economic equality

The coronavirus pandemic has increased economic inequality in the world. In the past year alone, 95 million people have fallen into extreme poverty. This could lead to an outbreak of social unrest, despite the improved outlook for the global economy.

This warning was issued by the International Monetary Fund (IMF), according to Bloomberg.

“These factors make it difficult to conduct a balanced economic policy, pose a risk to macroeconomic stability and the functioning of society. Governments must provide everyone with fair opportunities, " the IMF said.

The IMF recommended that policymakers consider measures to address inequality. For example, to reform tax policy, strengthen social protection, develop health care and education. But these reforms are not cheap: the fund estimates that 121 emerging economies will need to spend $3 trillion.

The Fund also predicts that the total per capita income in emerging and developing countries, except for China, will be 22% lower in 2020-2022 than if the pandemic had not occurred, and the vaccination campaign due to the uneven distribution of the vaccine in some countries may be delayed until 2022.

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