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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to auction off family jewels

According to information received by the British media on April 1, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle decided to auction off the family jewels. The couple expects to get at least $5 million for the collection, which includes more than 20 pieces of jewelry.

"I've never liked these pieces of jewelry anyway," Meghan was quoted as saying by an insider in The Rain, a social media outlet.

The family jewels were inherited by the couple from Princess Diana and other members of the royal family. Among them are the Galanterie de Cartier diamond earrings and the Queen Mary tiara, which Meghan never returned to Queen Elizabeth after the wedding. The publication notes that not only jewelry will go under the hammer, but also silverware, which the couple also borrowed from Elizabeth II during her last visit to London. What the queen herself thinks about this is not yet reported.

The family jewels of the British royal family were interested in Beyonce and Jay-Z. Even before the auction began, they said that they were ready to pay an impressive amount for the entire collection. Other potential buyers include Kim Kardashian and Taylor Swift. A representative of Kylie Jenner said that the star wants to buy jewelry as a gift to his three-year-old daughter Stormy.

With the proceeds from the sale of jewelry, Markle plans to design a nursery for her daughter, who will soon be born. It is reported that Megan ordered children's furniture made of white gold with an engraving in the form of the letter D. It looks like the girl will be named Diana after Lady Dee.

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