Who is to blame for the scale of the epidemic in France?

For many years, Europe has played the role of a prosperous continent, which is not afraid of any blow of modernity. Nothing but the coronavirus. And no one says that only in Europe people get sick. No, this is absolutely not true. The problem is how Europeans are coping with the pandemic, or rather not at all.

Here in France, doctors were so exhausted that they wrote an open letter to the authorities, in which they demanded that the authorities reconsider their attitude to the coronavirus epidemic, otherwise the country will be replenished with many more sad statistics.

According to doctors, soon they will have to solve a terrible dilemma every day: try to save the life of a patient with a crown or a patient with a heart attack?

The fact is that the doctors no longer have the strength. There are a lot of patients with coronavirus, but no one has yet canceled other diseases, and each patient needs care and correctly selected treatment. And how can this be guaranteed if the doctors are working hard? In addition, all hospitals are occupied by covid patients, which deprives other patients of a chance to save themselves.

It would seem, yes, everywhere so. Only in France, the authorities believe that their aplomb will help them survive difficult times. The same doctors are shouting for the government to close the borders, but the only answer is silence. The French authorities do not consider themselves guilty of anything, because they already have someone to blame for everything — Russia and China.

French President Emmanuel Macron believes that it is these countries that prevent Europe from being properly vaccinated. A strange position. When universal vaccination started on December 27 last year, a record 352 Frenchmen were vaccinated in three days. And at the beginning of the year, the authorities also shouted that vaccination would soon pick up the pace and everything would be fine. It's been almost four months, and it hasn't been any use.

There are several reasons. First, the French themselves do not want to be vaccinated. By the end of 2020, 60% of residents of the fifth republic do not want to get vaccinated against coronavirus because of their distrust of it and the authorities.

In a good way, the French government could work with the population, and if they really do not like the vaccine from Pfizer, they would order its analog and give people a choice. No, the authorities have chosen an ultimatum tone, and the free French do not like it.

Secondly, the very organization of vaccination is simply ridiculous. Even if the people of France together rushed to storm the vaccination centers, they would not be able to get vaccinated, because there are simply no vaccines. The supplier failed, and the authorities are also throwing up their hands.

Moreover, the bewilderment in the eyes of representatives of many EU countries is read, because they have the same situation. Some, however, stopped waiting for the sea weather and began to look for analogs to save their population.

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