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Trump joins the new social network

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Former US President Donald Trump, as well as a number of supporters of the Republican Party, have joined the new social platform Campaign Nucleus, where they can freely communicate with their supporters, Fox News reports, citing sources.

It is reported that the new social network was created by ex-adviser to the Trump campaign staff Brad Parker back in March 2016.

According to the information posted on the website of the company Parscale, Campaign Nucleus allows users to send emails, text messages, and statements to the media, as well as send correspondence using the US postal service. In addition, users will be able to contact authorities and participate in chats.

Instagram Facebook, Twitter, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram blocked Trump's accounts for different periods of time because of his statements about the riots in Washington on January 6, according to the source of the TV channel, the platform allows the former president to “convey his statements to journalists and supporters.”

It was reported that the reason was video and text appeals to the protesters who seized the Capitol building in Washington. Calling on them, on the one hand, to behave peacefully and go home, Trump called them patriots and claimed election fraud.

Former US President Donald Trump and his team are also making progress on creating their own social network.

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