Biden is threatened with impeachment before the election: what happened

Biden is considered to Trump's main opponent in presidential races

Biden is threatened with impeachment before the election: what happened

Photo: REUTERS / Steve Marcus

US Republican Senator Joni Ernst said her party members could launch an impeachment campaign against former us Vice President Joe Biden if he wins the presidential election. This is reported by Voice of America.

“Republicans can begin the process of impeaching the newly elected President if Joseph Biden becomes one,” Ernst said.

The reason the politician called the fact that when Biden was Vice President of the United States, “he was appointed to eradicate corruption in Ukraine, and he instead turned a blind eye to the company Burisma because his son was on the Supervisory Board of the company.”

“If Biden ever becomes President, then immediately after he is elected, people will say: well, we will impeach him,” the Senator said.

Biden did not ignore such statements. His spokeswoman said that these words will only inspire Democrats to vote for him.

Earlier, we wrote that 77-year-old Joseph Biden is leading among the candidates for US presidential nomination from the Democratic party: according to the results of a national poll prepared by the Economist/YouGov magazine, 27% of potential democratic voters are ready to support him, Senator from Massachusetts Elizabeth Warren-18%, Senator from Vermont Bernie Sanders-13%, and mayor of South Bend (Indiana) Pete Buttigieg — 12%.

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