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Biden's son tells how he defeated drug addiction

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The youngest son of US President Hunter Biden spoke about how he fell into drug addiction, because of which in 2015 his marriage with his first wife, Kathleen Bahl, broke up.

This is written by the New York Times, which read his memoir “Beautiful Things”.

“I bought crack (a smoking form of cocaine) on the streets of Washington and brewed it myself in a hotel room in Los Angeles,” Joe Biden's youngest son writes in his autobiography.

Last year, photos from Hunter Biden's hacked laptop were posted on the Chinese social media platform GTV, showing him taking part in orgies and taking drugs.

He claims that he first tasted champagne at the age of about 8 and that this led to alcohol abuse — after 20 years, he began to drink every day after work and “could always drink five times more than anyone else.”

Over time, this led to the fact that Hunter Biden “could not walk a block from the liquor store to the house without taking a sip from the bottle.”

“In just the past five years, my two-decade marriage has broken down, I've had a gun shoved in my face, and one day I've completely disappeared — I've been living in motels for $59 a night. It scared my family even more than it scared me, “ the book says.

Initially, even experts could not help him — after rehabilitation, he repeatedly went straight to homeless shelters to get drugs. On one occasion, he even allowed his drug dealer to live in his house.

Among other things, Hunter Biden remembers the help of his family and, in particular, his father.

“He never let me forget that all was not lost. He never abandoned me, avoided me, or judged me, no matter how bad I felt, “ he writes of Joe Biden.

In his memoir, the man claims that he is now "clean", and thanks to his second wife Melissa Cohen for this (the couple married in 2019). Within a few hours of meeting him, he told the woman that he was a drug addict, to which she replied: "Not anymore. It's over."

The memoir is officially due out on April 6.

Joe Biden's eldest son, the Beau, died of cancer in 2015.

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