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YouTube will hide dislikes from prying eyes: while in testing

Google News

In the coming weeks, the video hosting service YouTube will start testing several new interfaces that will not show the number of dislikes under other people's videos.

The company announced this on Twitter.

"We are testing several new interfaces that do not display the public dislike counter. If you participate in this small experiment, you may notice one of these interfaces in the coming weeks, " the post says.

This decision was made in response to the statements of video bloggers about the impact of public dislike counters on them, including as a result of coordinated mass campaigns for negative reactions.

According to the report, YouTube still wants to conduct an experiment with the participation of a small group of users.

At the same time, test participants will be able to put dislikes to the videos, but they will not see their total number – it will be available only to the author of the video.

Recall that Google from June 2021 may require content authors on YouTube from around the world to pay tax on income received from content views by residents of the United States.

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