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Russian hackers stole thousands of emails from the US State Department

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Russian hackers stole thousands of emails from US State Department officials as part of a massive cyberattack last year.

According to Politico, citing its own sources in the US Congress, hackers gained access to the emails of the State Department's Bureau of European and Eurasian Affairs and the Bureau of East Asian and Pacific Affairs.

It is unclear whether the theft of the State Department emails as part of the SolarWinds campaign, during which Russian hackers penetrated federal and private sector networks using software developed by the IT company SolarWinds.

Asked about the hack, a State Department official said, “ For security reasons, we cannot discuss the nature or scope of any possible cybersecurity incidents at this time.”

Journalists have not yet reported whether hackers could have gained access to classified information of the US State Department.

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Also, we remind you that Russian hackers broke into Merkel's party in the Bundestag.

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