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A new strain of coronavirus has been discovered in Israel

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A local strain of coronavirus infection has been detected in Israel. According to the Ministry of Health of the country, the strain does not have features that affect the contagion and clinical factors.

“The Central Laboratory for Viruses under the Ministry of Health has published a study that summarizes the strains that existed in Israel from the outbreak of the pandemic in March 2020 to January. Among the results is the Israeli version, “ the ministry said in a statement.

The ministry clarified that the Israeli strain “has no clinical or epidemiological significance”, that is, it does not have features that affect the rate of infection, the severity of the disease, and the effectiveness of vaccines.

According to Israeli experts, this type of virus appeared in July last year, and now it is disappearing.

Earlier, the Ministry of Health of India announced the discovery of a new strain of coronavirus with a double mutation in the country. At the same time, experts said that the strains were found in insufficient numbers to link their appearance with an increase in cases of infection in some states of the state. Meanwhile, American researchers from the Boston Children's Hospital have established how mutations of the coronavirus in the” British”,” South African “and” Brazilian “ variants affect its contagiousness.

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