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A fan broke into the home of Kendall Jenner. He was arrested while swimming naked in the pool

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The uninvited guest was not a blunder: without waiting for an answer from Kendall, he undressed and climbed into the model's pool.

A fan of Kendall Jenner broke into her mansion in Los Angeles. The 27-year-old man climbed into the mansion around two o'clock in the morning: he knocked on the windows, shouted the name Kendall, but, without waiting for an answer, gave up trying to attract the attention of the model. By this time, the uninvited guest felt at home: the man undressed and climbed into the pool, where he was detained by Jenner's security.

The man was arrested for trespassing on private property. He spent six hours in a police station but was eventually released. According to an insider from Kendall's inner circle, she is very concerned about what happened and plans to strengthen security. While the man was on the grounds of her mansion, she was at home.

It is known that Jenner is seriously concerned about her safety. The model has repeatedly received threats. One of her pursuers was 24-year-old Malik Bowker, who followed her all over America and threatened to kill her. Jenner was so scared that she demanded legal protection.

A week earlier, Johnny Depp faced a similar situation. A homeless man broke into the actor's mansion in Hollywood. Once at Depp's house, the man took a shower and drank alcohol from the home bar.

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