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Austria wants to buy a million doses of Sputnik V from Russia

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Austria wants to buy a million doses of the Sputnik V vaccine from Russia. This was stated by the country's Chancellor, Sebastian Kurz, as quoted by the Kurier newspaper.

The purchase of the Russian drug may begin in April-June. Sources in Vienna report that negotiations with the Russian side are already underway, but there is no final agreement yet.

“There should be no geopolitical blinders on the issue of vaccines. The only thing that should play a role in how effective and safe the vaccine is, not where it comes from. Therefore, we have been in contact with the Russian side since February [regarding the supply of the vaccine], for which I am very grateful, “ Kurz said.

According to the politician, if Austria receives additional doses of the vaccine, it will be able to save many lives, provide people with jobs, and generally return to normal life.

On March 17, the Austrian Chancellor also called on the European Medicines Agency (EMA) to allow the Russian Sputnik V vaccine to enter the EU market as soon as possible. The prime minister added that he is ready to use the drug in the country, provided it is safe.

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