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Donald Trump went to the wedding of his supporters and criticized Biden

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Former US President Donald Trump unexpectedly joined his neighbor's wedding celebrations at Mar-a-Lago in Florida and criticized China, Iran, Mexico, and Joe Biden.

According to the website TMZ, which published a video from the wedding, the guests met Trump's speech with warm applause.

This is not the first time Trump has stopped by his supporters' weddings unannounced, but the first time he has done so since leaving the presidency.

When he was president, back in 2019, he appeared at a wedding reception at his golf club in New Jersey. As a result, the bride, groom, and guests all chanted “ The USA! The USA! The USA!”

After gaining access to the microphone, Trump said that he was closely following the news and was upset by what he saw there.

“The border with Mexico, relations with China, the situation in Iran, “the former US president, known for often calling the work of journalists” fake news”, began to list.

“We were ready to make a deal with Iran, they were ready to do anything to make this deal happen. And this guy goes and lifts the sanctions, and then says he's ready to negotiate, “ he continued his attacks on his successor, Joe Biden.

US President Joe Biden has extended US sanctions on Iran. The decision to extend the sanctions came amid attempts to revive the international nuclear deal with Iran.

In February 2021, the Biden White House did withdraw the Trump administration's demand that the UN Security Council impose international sanctions on Iran.

According to Trump, his replacement in the White House does a lot of things directionally.

Then Trump moved on to the border with Mexico. The number of illegal migrants coming through Mexico from other Latin American countries, including many children, has really increased since Biden took office.

Biden has already been reproached for this, but he replied that the number of migrants traditionally increases in January, February, and March.

“The situation on the border is worse than ever before. People with children live in poverty in immigration detention centers. I have never seen anything like this, “ complained Trump, during whose presidency it became allowed to keep migrant children separated from adults, as a result of which thousands of minors were left without parents for some time in 2017-2018.

At the conclusion of his spontaneous political speech, the former president turned the audience's attention to the recent defeat in the presidential election, which Trump is now contesting.

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