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The owner of the ship Ever Given will be required to reimburse all losses from the blockage

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In Egypt, it is believed that the fact that the ship ran aground is solely the fault of the captain of the container ship.

Egyptian President for the Development of Seaports and the Suez Canal, Admiral Mohab Mamish, said that the responsibility for the incident with the ship Ever Given, which previously blocked the Suez Canal, lies with the ship's captain.

“What happened is the responsibility of the ship's captain, our channel is safe,” Mamish said.

He also said that the owner of the vessel will be required to pay compensation.

“We will demand compensation from the owner of the vessel for all the consequences that resulted from the stranding of the vessel, for the use of all tugs, we will demand the entire cost,” Mamish said.

Now the ship is being towed in the direction of the Bitter Lakes for technical inspection.

Admiral Mamish noted that navigation has already begun in the Suez Canal, ships are being towed, but the consequences will be felt for several more days.

“It will take up to 4 days to unload the canal,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Egyptian TV channel Extra, citing the head of the waterway authority, Osama Rabia, reports that navigation on the Suez Canal, which was unblocked on Monday from the container ship Ever Given, will resume in less than three hours — around 20:00 Egyptian time.

Recall that the container ship ran aground and blocked the movement of ships last week. On Monday, March 29, it was removed from the shoal, and later it became known that it again blocked the Suez Canal.

Earlier, Egypt said that the country is losing about $14 million a day due to the blocking of the channel by a container ship.

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