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Paris has lost billions of euros in revenue due to the decline in tourism

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Due to the coronavirus crisis, the tourism business in Paris and its region lost 15.5 billion euros in revenue.

This is reported by Le Point.

The number of tourists last year decreased by an unprecedented two-thirds, to 17.5 million people. Among them — 12.6 million French people. They generated about 6.4 billion euros in revenue.

The Regional Tourism Committee said there had been a “historic drop in attendance” by foreign tourists. Among foreigners, the drop was 78%, while the number of tourists from France decreased by 56%.

Tourism in Paris and its region has been able to benefit from the summer quarantine break, especially thanks to tourist activity from July to October.

At the same time, the attendance of the most popular tourist places, the Louvre and the Palace of Versailles, fell sharply — by 72% and 76%, respectively.

Earlier, the management of the Louvre complained that the number of visitors after the quarantine was reduced by four times, and the losses from the pandemic reached about 40 million euros.

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