The Head of the German Ministry of Health suspected of corruption

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In Germany, a corruption scandal is gaining momentum related to the name of Health Minister Jens Spahn, who is a member of the Christian Democratic Union of Germany party, in which Merkel is a member.

According to the publication Der Spiegel, in 2020, the German Ministry of Health, under the leadership of the Spahn, purchased more than half a million medical masks of the FFP-2 class from Burda GmbH in the amount of 909 thousand euros.

The date of the large-scale transaction coincided with the period of the first lockdown in Germany when there was an acute shortage of personal protective equipment not only for the general population but also for medical personnel. Using the services of private companies located in different parts of the world, the Ministry of Health of the country urgently volunteered to solve the problem.

The essence of the scandal

According to the investigation, Jens Spahn inflated the prices of personal protective equipment for German pharmacies. However, the public was stirred up by other information that appeared in the German press. In order to ensure the delivery of personal protective equipment to Germany as soon as possible, the direct purchase between the Ministry of Health and the aforementioned company Burda GmbH was carried out without a tender. At the same time, the Berlin representative office of this company is lobbying Daniel Funke, who... He is the husband of Jens Spahn, the head of the German Ministry of Health since 2018.

With the 39-year-old journalist Funke, the 40-year-old politician Spahn, who acts in this gay marriage as a wife, cohabited since 2013. After four years of living together, the couple formalized the relationship officially. “The presence of a wedding ring on the finger makes the partnership more binding than cohabitation in a civil marriage,” the Minister of Health said on the day of his wedding.

The celebration took place in the old Borbeck Castle, located in the eponymous district of Essen. Last summer, the couple purchased a luxurious historical villa with an area of 285 square meters. The purchase in the fashionable district of Dahlem cost them about 4.2 million euros.

Jens Spahn's political career began at the age of 22, when he was elected to the Bundestag of the fifteenth and then subsequent two convocations. A Catholic and a well-known conservative in the government, he openly supported the legalization of same-sex marriage in Germany. A few years ago, he has predicted a great political career and even called a possible successor to Merkel. Today, the name of the Punks is mentioned exclusively in a negative context and is accompanied by the hashtag #SpahnRucktritt, which means “Punks-resign!”. He is also blamed for the failure of the testing and vaccination campaign.

Representatives of Burda GmbH said that their employee Daniel Funke was not involved in the transaction and did not know about the actions the Spahn. It is not yet known what consequences the high-profile corruption scandal associated with the name of the Minister of Health will have. An investigation is underway.

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