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France called a closed meeting of the Security Council UN on North Korea

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The UN Security Council will meet on March 30 for extraordinary closed consultations due to the launch of missiles by Pyongyang, a diplomatic source in the Security Council of the international organization said.

“The relevant discussion was requested by France on behalf of the European members of the Council (France, Great Britain, Estonia, Ireland, Norway). It is expected that it will be held on Tuesday in a closed format.”

Recall that on Thursday, Japan announced the launch of a ballistic missile from the DPRK. At the same time, Japan suspected the DPRK of launching copies of Iskander missiles. In addition, on Tuesday, the US media reported that at the end of last week, the DPRK launched several short-range missiles. South Korea confirmed the launch of two cruise missiles by the DPRK. However, the White House called the missile launches in the DPRK “commonplace”.

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