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The DPRK commented on the latest missile launches

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The new American administration has begun to build cooperation with the DPRK incorrectly, Pyongyang said.

The test of ballistic missiles fired towards the Sea of Japan was carried out in response to joint US-South Korean military exercises. This was announced on Saturday, March 27 by the Central Telegraph Agency of Korea with reference to the secretary of the Central Committee of the DPRK Labor Party, Lee Bin Chol.

“This time, the test launch of a tactical guided missile of a new type is an action based on the right to self-defense of a sovereign state,” the message says.

As Chol said, amid “continuous dangerous military exercises by the United States and South Korea,” Pyongyang had to “muster military forces to reliably protect the security of the state.”

The Secretary of the Central Committee also noted that the policy of US President Joe Biden regarding North Korea is “belligerent” and that the new administration has incorrectly begun to build cooperation with the DPRK.

Finally, Pyongyang has warned that it will continue to build up its military power.

Recall that on Thursday, North Korea launched missiles for the first time in a year — it launched two ballistic missiles, one of which fell into the Sea of Japan.

As it turned out, the DPRK launched missiles that had never been tested before. Presumably, we are talking about a modernized version of the North Korean KN-23, modeled after the Russian Iskander mobile ballistic missile.

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