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Apple will make a new black color for the iPhone 13 Pro

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The next line of iPhone 13 Pro (according to some rumors, the entire series will be called 12s) will receive new colors.

According to an insider, Apple is working on two new colors: matte black and orange, very close to bronze.

By tradition, black will once again be different from what is in other Apple devices. This non-match in the palette is due to the fact that the company wants to “re-invent graphite” and make it “borderline black”.

In addition, Apple is working on a new coating of the steel frame. According to the idea, it should collect fewer prints. This will be very cool because the frame of the white iPhone 12 Pro is impossible to easily get dirty if you take the smartphone out of the case.

LiDAR in future models will still participate in the shooting of portraits. Now, this is not possible due to the low resolution. In fact, at the moment, the leader helps the autofocus determine at what distance to focus, but it does not participate in the drawing of the object. In the new line, LiDAR will also be used in shooting portrait videos. Also in the standard camera will be able to do astrophotography.

Previously, it was claimed that the entire block of cameras would be covered with a single glass plane. This is now being refuted. Each camera will have its own protruding lens, but in general, the camera unit will protrude less from the body.

Despite the constant talk about the “failure of the iPhone 12 mini”, the model will continue. The successor of the “mini” will receive a larger battery capacity. In favor of energy efficiency, the Apple A15 system-on-a-chip will also play, which will consume even less energy.

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