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The White House will support the impeachment of Trump on one condition

US Presidential Administration Demands Impeachment Supported by All Lower House Congressmen

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The US Presidential Administration is ready to support the impeachment of Donald Trump, but only if the entire House of Representatives supports the resignation of the head of state.

This was reported to the American publication Axios by two sources, according to which on October 4 the White House plans to send a letter of the corresponding content to the speaker of the lower house of Congress Nancy Pelosi.

“President Trump and his team can ignore the demands of lawmakers until she (Pelosi) votes the entire House of Representatives to formally approve the impeachment investigation,” said the informants.

A letter to Pelosi and the chairmen of the six committees have already been prepared, but as of Thursday evening has not yet been signed.

At the same time, Pelosi herself had previously warned the leader of the Republicans in the lower house of Congress, Kevin McCarthy, that, according to the Constitution or the rules of the House of Representatives, there is no such rule that all congressmen should support the impeachment procedure.

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