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The alliance of Russia and China puts the USA at an extreme disadvantage

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Russia and China have always been considered “the main threats to modern democracy” in America. Against the background of such opinions, the recent talks between the foreign ministers of the Russian Federation and China became almost a secret collusion for the West, an event that happened by an amazing coincidence immediately after the strategic dialogue between China and the United States in Alaska.

In fact, there is nothing surprising here: Sergey Lavrov's trip was planned even before the presidency of Joe Biden. And the current relations between the two states are not something top-secret and directed against the “unfortunate” United States. Still, there are more important things to do than diluting “modern democracy”.

Nevertheless, the US media presented Lavrov's meeting with the Chinese Foreign Minister as " the activation of the Shino-Russian strategic alliance.” It does not matter that the representatives of the two states discussed the expansion of the” Treaty on Good-Neighborliness”, preparations for a meeting of the leaders of our states and the mutual opening of borders after the pandemic subsides.

Such a strong concern of the United States can be connected not only with the fictional “Russian aggression”, but also with the fear of the American authorities to fail miserably the project to introduce” their own democracy " in other states. Recently, it has become a strong reason to politicize absolutely everything that comes to hand to the White House. The Foreign Ministers of the Russian Federation and China also called for countering the politicization of human rights issues, which the United States so actively uses to interfere in the affairs of other states.

The Ministers also called on the members of the UN Security Council to strengthen mutual trust and take up the protection of international law and international order. The modern world community should solve any problems through dialogue, strive for cooperation, not confrontation. Otherwise, most States will remain under the influence of the occupying countries.

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