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After US criticism: AstraZeneca has reduced the effectiveness of its vaccine

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AstraZeneca has changed the data on its COVID vaccine. Now the development efficiency is not 79, but 76 percent.

This is reported by the Associated Press.

American officials demanded to recalculate the results. Members of the independent commission said that when analyzing the test results, the company did not take into account some cases of coronavirus infection — and this, in their opinion, could undermine the credibility of the drug.

The publication notes that disputes with US regulators usually remain confidential, but this time the US demanded that AstraZeneca publicly correct inaccuracies in the research.

The British company is now awaiting approval for its vaccine from the US Food and Drug Administration.

More than a dozen European countries have previously stopped using the AstraZeneca vaccine-all because of cases of thrombosis in people who have received the vaccine. However, after the European regulator confirmed the safety of the drug, vaccination in most countries was resumed.

We also wrote that Denmark has extended the ban on the use of the AstraZeneca vaccine for three weeks. The authorities intend to wait for more clear results of the study of the drug's connection with the occurrence of thrombosis.

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