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Gates pointed to the mistakes of the US and Europe in the fight against the pandemic

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The billionaire believes that the current devastating consequences of COVID-19 in the world could have been avoided

The main mistake of Western countries in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic is the delay in diagnosing and isolating the sick.

Microsoft founder Bill Gates said this in an interview with the Polish newspaper Gazeta Wyborcza.

He recalled that he was one of those who warned that “for a small price, you can prepare and avoid the problem.” One of his recommendations — to be able to diagnose patients as soon as possible-was ignored.

“PCR technology allows for a very accurate test, and if enough people are tested early in the epidemic and those who test positive are quarantined, then the exponential growth that led to such a widespread lockdown can be avoided,” Gates said.

He notes that some countries that are now fairly successful at containing COVID-19 — such as Australia, South Korea, and New Zealand-have followed his advice, but most of Europe, South America, and the United States have not.

“We paid a huge price for this,” the billionaire added.

The second mistake of Western governments, Bill Gates believes, is that they turned to the wrong experts for help.

“Even when the epidemic hit, we still had a chance — if world leaders had prepared for it in advance, or at least turned to the right scientists who would have said: watch the number of tests and watch the isolation! “Then countries could do much better,” Gates said.

Earlier, he suggested how the world should deal with the next pandemic.

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