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Austria: to the store-with a negative test for COVID

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You can only leave the house for a good reason

The Austrian authorities are introducing a hard lockdown on Easter in the east of the country due to the growth of coronavirus infections. The new restrictions will apply from April 1 to April 6 in Vienna, Lower Austria, and Burgenland. From April 7, stores will be allowed only with certificates.

The decision was made on Wednesday evening at the consultations of the heads of the three lands and the head of the Ministry of Health of the country.

The new rules provide for around-the-clock restrictions on leaving the house, which is now only valid in Austria in the evening and at night. You can only go outside for a good reason: for work, for groceries, for a walk in the fresh air or for a jog, for contact with one important person in your life.

From April 1 to 6, shops, hairdressers, beauty salons, and other service institutions will also be closed in the mentioned lands and Vienna — only supermarkets will work.

At the same time, from April 7, when the stores will start working again, you will only be able to enter if you have a negative test result for COVID-19. By the way, when visiting service establishments where physical contact is expected, this rule already applies.

Now, in addition to supermarkets and transport, Austrians will have to wear FFP-2 masks in all enclosed areas.

In Catholic Austria, Easter this year will be celebrated on April 4.

Recall that due to the rapid increase in the incidence of COVID-19 in Austria, the head of the Ministry of Health Rudolf Anschober on March 15 announced the beginning of the third wave of the pandemic in the country.

In Poland, where Easter is also celebrated on April 4, from March 27 to April 10, quarantine is tightened in connection with the coronavirus.

The introduction of the Easter lockdown was also announced in Germany, but almost immediately backed down, and Chancellor Angela Merkel even apologized to the Germans for the “erroneous” decision of the government.

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