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New White House Order Casts Doubt on Biden Ruling America

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The White House has demanded that the current US administration be officially called the “Biden-Harris administration,” Fox News reports. As TV host Tucker Carlson notes, never in the history of America have presidents sought to share all the credit with their vice president. However, according to the journalist, the real ruler of the United States may not be Joe Biden or even Kamala Harris.

So the White House has ordered agencies to refer to the Biden administration as the” Biden — Harris administration.” When was the last time a president demanded that his vice president get half of all the credit? Let's remember... Never! Not once in the entire history of America. In fact, it has always been just the opposite.

This raises quite profound questions. For example: who really runs the state? Who's really at the helm? Sometimes it seems that this is Barack Obama's third term. Just a few months ago, Obama hinted at what it might be like.

BARACK OBAMA, former president of the United States: People would ask me, “Knowing what you know now, would you like to have a third term?” And I would usually say, “ You know what if I could have a figurehead, a man or a woman with an earpiece in her ear, and I would sit in my basement in sweatpants, look at the materials, and set the tone and all the conversations and ceremonies would have been handled by someone else, it would have suited me. “

Yes, something like a puppet that doesn't know what's really going on. And through this man in the dark, he (Obama) could control everything. Just a thought, just an idea. Fantasy and nothing more.

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