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Israel counts the votes. Netanyahu's fate, it seems, will be decided by his personal enemy

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In Israel, almost 90% of the votes cast on the eve of the elections have already been counted, and so far the results completely coincide with pre-election forecasts: Benjamin Netanyahu and his Likud are gaining the most-about 30 seats, but judging by the distribution of other votes, it will be very difficult for him to get a parliamentary majority through the coalition.

According to the procedure established in the country, the coalition is formed by the leader of the party with the highest number of votes.

Compared to the last elections in March last year, Netanyahu's position has deteriorated somewhat — then he won 36 seats in the Knesset, and now it will be more difficult for him to assemble a coalition. To control the Israeli parliament, it needs 61 seats out of 120.

The religious parties that have been forming the so-called “automatic coalition” with Netanyahu for many years (the term is firmly in use by Israeli political scientists) will give him a total of about 22 more seats-a total of 52.

Of the remaining two seats, Netanyahu will try to get at the expense of individual “defectors” from other parties. But the main amount must be obtained from the parties, with all of which he has a very strained relationship.

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