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In Hong Kong stopped vaccination with Pfizer drug

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Hong Kong has stopped vaccination against coronavirus with a drug from Pfizer due to defects on the lids of ampoules.

This is reported by the Associated Press.

Developer BioNTech and its Chinese distributor Fosun Pharma has not yet found any reason to believe that this drug is unsafe. However, the campaign was postponed as a precautionary measure. A similar decision was also made by the Macao authorities.

The Hong Kong Department of Health said that the batch with defective vials is almost 1.3 million doses. Of these, about 150 thousand have already been used.

“Fosun has promised to conduct an immediate investigation, so they are going to contact the manufacturer in Germany to investigate their production. When the vaccines arrive in Hong Kong, Fosun will have a vision of the entire supply chain to find out if this is the cause of the current situation, “ the agency said.

Earlier, more than a dozen European countries stopped using the AstraZeneca vaccine-all because of cases of thrombosis in people who received the vaccine. However, after the European regulator confirmed the safety of the drug, vaccination was resumed in most countries.

We also wrote that Pfizer has started testing drugs that should stop the spread of coronavirus in the body.

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