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Biden calls for U.S. assault weapons ban after Colorado shooting

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US President Joe Biden called on the Senate to ban the sale of assault weapons after the murder of ten people in Colorado, reports Reuters.

“Again, we can ban the sale of assault weapons in the country and stores of increased capacity,” Biden said. According to him, the restrictions should not be a partisan issue, but an all-American one.

“I don't have to wait a minute, let alone an hour, to take reasonable steps that will save lives in the future,” the US leader said.

Earlier in the city of Boulder, Colorado, a man opened fire in the parking lot next to a grocery store, then went inside. The shooter's victims were 10 people. A police officer was among the dead. The shooter was arrested. He was wounded.

In the United States, there has long been talking of tougher legislation on the sale of weapons. The right to keep and wear it is guaranteed by the Second Amendment of the Constitution. Nevertheless, due to the regular occurrence of mass shootings of citizens, including in schools, a number of organizations and politicians advocate the introduction of restrictions.

Among such measures is the introduction of a single database of accounting for gun buyers, a ban on selling assault rifles, weapons with high-capacity magazines, etc. Representatives of the Democratic Party traditionally support the introduction of restrictions, while Republicans are against them.

Biden announced his intention to restrict legislation in the field of gun ownership during his election campaign. Already as President, he once again called on Congress to tighten legislation in this area.

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