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Soros accused Trump of conspiring with Zuckerberg to win the election

Soros accused Trump of conspiring with Zuckerberg to win the election

Speaking at an economic forum in Davos, billionaire George Soros accused Facebook of collusion with U.S. President Donald Trump.

According to the businessman, the social network and the American leader have long “cooperated” with each other to ensure the last victory in the presidential election. Interestingly, the day before Trump said that the thought of Mark Zuckerberg as head of the United States “is not so bad”.

Billionaire George Soros, speaking at an international economic forum in Davos, said about some collusion between Facebook and U.S. President Donald Trump on the eve of the presidential elections, reports Business Insider.

“Facebook will support Trump to be re-elected, while Trump will continue protecting Facebook,” said Soros.

According to the financier, “there is informal bilateral cooperation or agreement between Trump and Facebook,” but he did not provide any evidence.

Soros also added that “nothing will stop” Facebook from spreading misinformation on its platform. In addition, he spoke about his “concern” about the upcoming presidential elections in 2020 in the United States.

On Facebook, Soros' accusations are categorically denied.

“This is a pure lie,” said a spokesman for the company.

However, the day before Donald Trump said in an interview with CNBC that the idea that Mark Zuckerberg may become the next president of the United States, he “does not scare.

“I heard that he wants to run. I think this is not so bad, ”said the American leader.

However, Zuckerberg may face a problem during the presidential race — and this, according to the American president, is Facebook.

“It's true that this monster is behind him,” Trump added, without explaining who or what this metaphor refers to. It is possible that the politician was referring to a series of scandals and leaks that Facebook has had to deal with over the past two years.

If George Soros' suspicions are justified, it is possible that Zuckerberg will help Trump to be re-elected for a second term in 2020, so that Trump can then help beat the head of Facebook in the next election. Accusations of conspiracy are also confirmed by a secret meeting between Trump and Zuckerberg, which took place in Washington in September 2019.

The meeting, which the American leader called “pleasant”, took place in the White House and was unplanned. Trump, who likes to cover all the receptions in detail in his Twitter account, was not very clear at the time. “I had a pleasant meeting with Mark Zuckerberg from Facebook in the Oval Office today,” wrote the head of state, attaching a photo from the event as well as a link to my Facebook account.

It's not the first time George Soros has criticized Facebook. Speaking at a Davos forum two years ago, the billionaire accused IT companies, in particular, Facebook and Google, of manipulating the minds of millions of users.

“They deliberately stimulate dependence on their services, which can be extremely harmful, especially for teenagers,” said Soros, comparing online platforms with casinos, whose special techniques make players spend all their money.

In addition, the billionaire said that social networks force users to lose their autonomy and independence. In his opinion, the ability to influence people's minds, which is concentrated on the hands of several companies, threatens the very principle of “freedom of thought”.

George Soros also urged the public to pay attention to the fact that Facebook and Google are a threat to democracy. He pointed to the danger of uniting major social networks and individual governments.

“Alliances may be formed between authoritarian states and large IT monopolies that have large information bases. As a result, corporate control systems will be united with state surveillance systems,” said Soros. As a result, there may be a developed network of totalitarian surveillance, which “neither Aldous Huxi nor George Orwell dreamed about.

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