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In the US, for the first time to pay compensation to victims of racism

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The authorities in the American city of Evanston, Illinois, were the first in the United States to agree on the allocation of funds to improve housing conditions for African American families who have suffered from discrimination and harassment.

The broadcast of the vote was carried out on the website of the city council.

The funds will be allocated from a special fund, which was created in 2019 at the expense of deductions from the legalized sale of cannabis.

It is assumed that within 10 years the city authorities will distribute $10 million among 75 thousand people.

At the first stage, it was proposed to allocate 400 thousand dollars, which as subsidies of 25 thousand will be used to improve the living conditions of 16 families.

Evanston residents of African descent who lived in the city from 1919 to 1969, or their direct relatives, can apply for subsidies.

Earlier we reported that in Australia, chess was accused of racism for the fact that white moves first.

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