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In the US, they are going to improve the environment with coffee

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In the United States, the popular coffee chain Starbucks has decided to improve the environment and reduce harmful emissions using coffee, writes Bloomberg.

The company announced that it is committed to reducing its carbon footprint as well as reducing the amount of water used to make coffee. It is impossible to do this on your own because Starbucks buys grain from farmers and cannot directly influence the processes.

To achieve this goal, the company will plant trees that are resistant to difficult weather conditions, advise growers on reducing fertilizer use, and restore deforested forests, especially in key coffee regions.

Another measure under consideration is the purchase of carbon credits on the open market so that by reducing their emissions, the seller compensates for its own environmental impact where it is impossible to reduce it.

According to the corporate strategy, Starbucks should be carbon neutral by 2030. This assumes that all emissions of harmful substances produced by it will be compensated.

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