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In the US, a new profession has appeared — “hunters” for vaccines

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In the United States, so-called “vaccine hunters” come to the rescue of those who cannot sign up for vaccination on their own.

To get an injection, you need to register on special sites on the Internet. The procedure is not easy, and older people often cannot do it.

“I searched the Internet for opportunities to get vaccinated for about a month and a half. And by the way, I'm pretty good with a computer. I tried to schedule a visit, but every time there were some obstacles, “ says Carl Cimino, a resident of Pittsburgh.

Website, log in, invites, — says Karl-it was too difficult for him. There are millions of Americans like Karl. And it is they who are being hunted, the so-called “hunters” for vaccines.

They don't charge money for their work. However, Americans often send gifts after vaccination as a sign of gratitude.

Earlier it was reported that the AstraZeneca vaccine is ready to enter the US market.

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