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Trump was explained by the scandal of letters about Ukraine

Correspondence about frozen aid to Kyiv will not be declassified.

Trump was explained by the scandal of letters about Ukraine

The White House blocked the publication of the electronic correspondence of representatives of the administration regarding the delay in military aid to Ukraine last summer.

According to Deutsche Welle, this was stated in a letter from the US Justice Department to the public organization The Center for Public Integrity, which was published on its website on 31 January.

Earlier, the court approved a petition of the Center for Public Integrity to publish the e-mails under the Freedom of Information Act.

The U.S. Department of Justice followed the court decision and published the correspondence, but much of the text was classified and blackened. The agency explained this by its “presidential privilege” not to publish information about “internal discussions.

“The letters reflect communication between the president, the vice president and the president's closest advisors regarding the president's decision-making, so they are privileged,” said Heather Walsh, a White House lawyer on management and budget.

But the Center for Public Integrity has demanded uncensored correspondence because it concerns Trump's illegal actions and is in the public interest.

Just to remind you, the US mass media reported in August that US President Donald Trump ordered a double-check of the Security Initiative for Assistance to Ukraine, which last year allocated 250 m dollars in the budget.

The White House explained this by suspicions about corruption in Ukraine and the reluctance of Europe to provide such support.

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