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Turkey explains withdrawal from the convention for the protection of women

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Turkey decided to withdraw from the Istanbul Convention of the Council of Europe on the prevention and combating of violence against women, as its essence was changed. This was announced by the President's Public Relations Office, Anadolu agency reports.

Ankara pointed out that the original purpose of the convention for the protection of women's rights “was taken over by a group of people trying to normalize homosexuality. This is incompatible with the social and family values of Turkey, ” the authorities of the republic said.

It is noted that withdrawal from the agreement does not mean the termination of the policy in the field of protection of women's rights. Moreover, Turkey will focus on reforms to combat the growing violence, “the principle of zero tolerance will remain the focus of the government.”

Turkey withdrew its signature under the relevant document on March 20, while the country's leadership promised to fight for women's rights in accordance with “their traditional values.”

The Convention on Preventing and Combating Violence against Women and Domestic Violence was adopted in 2011. The document defines psychological, physical, and sexual violence, forced abortion, marriage, and sterilization as criminal offenses. It was signed by 47 states, but only 33 ratified.

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