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Biden called Turkey's withdrawal from the convention on the protection of women unreasonable

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The number of cases of domestic violence is on the rise worldwide, the president said. In his opinion, countries should follow the agreements reached on the protection of women's rights and work on new ones.

Turkey's decision to withdraw from the Istanbul Convention on Violence Against Women is a depressing step backward for the international movement to defend women's rights around the world, US President Joe Biden said in a White House statement.

According to him, the country's “sudden and unjustified withdrawal” from the convention is deeply disappointing. “Globally, we are seeing an increase in domestic violence, including reports of an increase in the murder of women in Turkey, the first country to sign the convention,” Biden said.

In his opinion, countries should work to strengthen their commitments to end violence against women, rather than reject international treaties that seek to protect them and bring perpetrators to justice.

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