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Biden lost all control over the US-Mexico border

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A flood of illegal migrants from Central America is now pouring into America. Here, however, there is a calculation.

All these adults are called” dreamers”. Even as children, they illegally came to the United States, have long lived in the States under temporary documents, and dream of citizenship. There are 2.5 million such “dreamers” in the country.

“The vote in Congress is very important for us. This will give us the opportunity to be one step closer to the law that would allow us to obtain citizenship, “ says one of the migrants.

Democrats are hospitably ready to hand out passports. Now that the party has control of both houses of parliament and its own president in the White House, the chances of pushing the document are higher than ever.

“Reagan said: if we ever close the door to new Americans, our leadership in the world will be lost. And I always like to praise our “dreamers”. They make us feel very proud, “ said Nancy Pelosi, the Speaker of the House of Representatives.

“Biden has already lost all control over the US-Mexico border. And in such circumstances, legalization will lead to even more illegal migration, “ said Lindsey Graham, a Republican congressional senator.

On the southern border of the United States-a migration crisis that the country has not known for a quarter of a century. Thousands of refugees from different, but equally poor countries in Latin America are rushing to the States. They know that with Trump, the rules established by him are also gone. The wall is no longer being built, and there is no need to wait in line for legalization in neighboring Mexico. As soon as the White House changed hands, Nasiel left Nicaragua for the United States.

“It took us a month and a half to get here. It was a very difficult road. My son got sick on the way, and he's still sick. But everything I do, I do now for his sake, “ — admits Nisiel.

Migrants with children are no longer separated, and children without parents are no longer deported.

A Texas TV crew meets teenagers who have crossed the border alone. The reporter's interlocutor is a 10-year-old boy from Honduras. He doesn't know where his father is. My mother stayed in Honduras. The UN will try to stay in the US.

In Texas, all the detention centers for illegal children are full. In cells where detainees are allowed to be held for 72 hours, they live for weeks. There is simply no place to resettle 15,000 underage refugees.

Journalists are unsuccessfully trying to get permission from the authorities to shoot in places where they keep underage migrants. If under Trump, who was accused of abusing detained children, TV cameras and photo reporters were allowed into shelters every week, the current administration refuses to allow the press. The border guards were forbidden to share any information with the media, but it was still leaked. According to rumors, the children there are so short of space that they sleep on concrete floors.

The governors of the border states of Texas and Arizona accuse Biden of undermining security on the southern borders. What kind of people enter the country, no one knows. Cities along the border have seen a surge in crime and covid cases.

Guests, invited or not, are already at the door. In Mexico's Tijuana, under Biden's banner, hordes of refugees are off to a low start. And to these Spanish-speaking “dreamers” the news from Washington reaches quickly. The Lower House of Congress has passed a bill that makes it easier to obtain citizenship.

During the presidential race, the Democrat Biden promised to grant citizenship to 11 million illegal immigrants. It is not difficult to guess which party in the elections these people will say “thank you”.

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